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Majelis Ekonomi dan Kewirausahaan
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 As a part of an organization that has long been taking part in the attempt to succed tah expectations contained in the constitution. As an Islamic socio-cultural movement, Muhammadiyah for the last past 102 years has done its best contributing to the betterment of the Indonesians. Entrust the mandate for the economic empowerment of the people through The Council of Economic and Entrepreneurial (CEE) in order to achieve prosperity.


In the field for economic and entrepreneurship development, the CEE of Muhammadiyah is running the activity and in more operational.  also owns a number of cooperatives and companies, known as BUMM (Muhammadiyah`s owned enterprise), from which it derives an operating profit, as well as from 12 BRPs and other financial institutions. The latest data by the year 2009, Muhammadiyah has 128 microfinance institutions (MFIs) (lembaga keuangan mikro; baitul tanwil Muhammadiyah), 242 independent business cooperatives (koperasi usaha mandiri), and now in the realm of intellectual to build entrepreneurship through research and development that involved 33 active forums economic deans (forum dekan ekonomi) from 168 University & College of Muhammadiyah (Perguruan Tinggi Muhammadiyah; PTM), all of which are tied into a network that keep Muhammadiyah ever on the rise. Ongoing programs, Muhammadiyah is developing the latest model of empowering micro-businesses, groundwork for making economics potential map and advocating economy policies.


The CEE of Muhammadiyah throught MFIs 128, spread across Indonesia has participated in effort to reduce poverty and unemployment throught various programs. In 2011 CEE has made the process of business management assistance and providing access to capital. By the year 2015, 10,00. youths to get assistance planned economic development by providing access to venture capital and marketing, micro-small business people who come from low-income communities. 




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